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About us

We believe in providing quality service in a secureand safe manner for our clients.

InterExped Logistics Europe B.V. was founded in 2017 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company started mainly focused on air cargo logistics.

As the logistics industry is constantly changing, we at InterExped adapted to new markets and started providing our services in temperature controlled transport, high-value transport and E-commerce and FTL and LTL by Tautliner throughout Europe.
We at InterExped offer flexible and efficient solutions depending on our customers’ requirements. This we are able to offer due to our advanced transport management system, the expertise of our team, our 24/7 planning availability and wide network of trusted partners.

In addition, we at InterExped have taken several measures to ensure that the safety of the transported goods is guaranteed and TAPA certified.

Regarding the transportation of dangerous goods, all our trucks are equipped with ADR requirements and our drivers are ADR certified.

Transporting Your Products Throughout Europe

InterExped provides quality services in road feeder- and freight forwarding throughout Europe. We specialize in Air Cargo, High Value, Temperature Controlled, Dangerous Goods, Time Critical shipments and General Cargo by Tautliner

Air Cargo

InterExped is a transport company that specializes in the transportation of air cargo on the road throughout Europe. Every day we maintain Road Feeder Services for various clients in this sector. We offer FTL services to any airport in Europe.
Our fleet consists entirely of Mega (3m high) air cargo trailers with roller conveyor systems, security locks, and real-time GPS track & trace, to ensure your shipment is monitored and arrives safely on time at its destination.

All our employees and drivers are trained annually in accordance with the legal provisions of the aviation safety regulations covering the competencies of

High Value

High-Value cargo requires more than just the special care and attention provided by InterExped: it requires an elevated level of security. To ensure an elevated level of security, InterExped has acquired it's TAPA certification. The certification serves the purpose of ensuring as little cargo loss as possible during the transportation process. With a TAPA certification, we demonstrate that we at InterExped are aware of possible security risks and what measures we are expected to take to ensure minimal risks when transporting goods that must be transported with the utmost care and security. We offer high-quality international transport for all your valuable goods.

In the transportation of High-Value cargo, we distinguish 3 levels of security: Basic, Moderate, and Elevated. Feel free to contact our security manager with your questions about High-Value transports and we will give you advice on which security level will fit your requirements best.

Perishables – Temperature Controlled

Perishables – Temperature controlled goods are both time- and temperature-sensitive products that require careful handling throughout the entire logistic process. Our reefer trailers are equipped with temperature sensors that can be monitored remotely. All reefer trailers are equipped with a DataCOLD temperature recorder that enables our clients to create a full physical temperature report at any given time during the transport of the goods.


During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, InterExped has noticed an increase in E-commerce shipments. InterExped provides E-commerce goods transportation services to its clients, with the growth in the E-commerce sector, it has pushed for an increase in demand for cross-border transportation. Therefore, E-commerce has become a crucial part of supply chain management, and it relies heavily on the trucking industry in the form of long-haul transport.

Dangerous Goods ADR

The abbreviation “ADR” is derived from the French title of the European convention on the international road transport of dangerous goods: “L’Accord Européen relatif au transport international des marchandises Dangereuses par Route.” All trucks in our fleet are equipped with ADR equipment such as fire extinguishers and a safety vest. The drivers are in the possession of a valid ADR license and corresponding training.
The transportation of dangerous goods requires specific knowledge, as certain rules need to be followed. Feel free to contact our planning team with your questions about ADR shipments and we will gladly explain to you how we can assist.

Our fleet

Sprinter Van

  • 430cm x 178cm x 194cm (LxBxH)
  • Max. 1100kg

Tilt Van

  • 425cm x 220cm x 230cm (LxBxH)
  • Max. 3500kg

MEGA BOX Trailer

Rollerbed – Thermo – TAPA/TSR

  • 1349cm x 247cm x 294cm
  • Max. 22000 kg


  • 1360cm x 250cm x 265cm
  • Max. 30.000kg for NL.
  • Max. 24.500kg for Germany.

Quality Logistic Services

“InterExped aims to deliver quality service in transportation in a secure and safe manner.”
Our Vision
As the logistics industry is changing rapidly, we always try to stay ahead by becoming better, faster, more sustainable and provide the best quality. At InterExped, communication is key. We make every effort to keep our clients informed during the transportation of their goods.
Our Mission
Our mission is all about reducing complexity and supporting our customers in their transport and logistics challenges.

How can we help you?

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InterExped Logistics Europe B.V.
Kruisweg 799, Building 5 
2132 NG Hoofddorp 

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+31(0)20 891 44 00


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